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Monday, February 14, 2011

Double Dipped Strawberries

Happy Valentines day!  Most people associate roses with Valentines day, but I have zero appreciation of flowers.  I do however, have an appreciation for anything chocolate.  So what better day to post this crazy easy but Valentines day worthy recipe then on V-day for all you last minute folks.

You know I love dipping things in chocolate, especially fruit. I have a special collection of Godiva white chocolate mini bars reserved not for eating on it's own, but SOLELY for dipping berries in.  These double dipped strawberries are always elegant, the mixture of dark chocolate and creamy white chocolate brings out the best in a strawberry. 

Use good quality white an dark chocolate for best results.  My favorite is usually Valrhona or at least Lindt Dark chocolate and Godiva white.

Double Dipped Strawberries
approx prep time: 10min
approx chill time: 20min

100g of Lindt Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Bar (approx 8-10 pieces)
2 bars of 43g mini bar of Godiva white chocolate
1 lb of strawberries (washed and dried)

1) Line plates with parchment paper or wax paper
2) Break dark chocolate bar into chunks and crumble into a bowl.  Microwave dark chocolate 30 seconds at a time, stirring after each 30 second interval, until chocolate is just melted and smooth (do not overheat, chocolate can burn).
3) Dip one side of the strawberry into chocolate and place on wax paper.
4) Put in the refrigerator for 20 minutes or until the dark chocolate has hardened.
5) Peel off the dark chocolate dipped strawberries and repeat steps 2-4 to dip the other side of the strawberry with white chocolate, shake off excess chocolate (or don't, if you like more chocolate).  :-)
5) Serve cold, don't let the dipped fruit come to room temperature.
6) Store leftovers (if there are any), in sealed containers in the refrigerator. 

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