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Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday French Toast

Lazy Sundays....what could be better then rolling out of bed at 10am, or 11am or my personal favorite, after 12 noon.  This would be the easiest breakfast with no fuss.  Use a good non-stick pan and you don't even need to butter the pan (unless you want to).
Serves: 2
approx prep time: 2min
approx cook time: 10min
4 Slices of bread (photo is of a french bread loaf, but our personal favorite is Cobs Bread:  white bread loaf)
4 Eggs (Eggs vary depending on how absorbent the bread is)
Toppings:  Fruit, butter Syrup, Cinnamon, or my personal favorite: melted Lindt Bittersweet dark chocolate or Toblerone Dark bars.
Non stick frying pan

1) Whisk eggs in a wide shallow bowl with a fork.
2) Dip bread in eggs lightly on both sides.
3) Place dipped egg bread into pan and cook each side until golden brown.
4)  Serve with a side of fruit and your french toast topping of choice.

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