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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Panago: Near perfect Pepperoni Pizza

Not every pizza is made equal.  Pizza Pizza has got to be one of the worst, eating their pizza is equivalent to eating a cardboard box and I'm sure the cardboard box is healthier.  Too bad Pizza Pizza is everywhere and cheap, so my company tends to feed customers that sad excuse of a pizza.  They also give me the second worst after lunch food coma (Indian food, all you can eat would be in first place).  After years of being fed that garbage, it's understandable why I told Nick that....I don't like pizza. 

But the boy likes pizza, so what can you do?  We walked by a Panago this summer and they had a large pepperoni pizza special for $9.  Nick went in and ordered it, I told him at most I'll have 1 slice.

The pepperoni pizza was pretty darn good, the crust was just the right thickness and chewiness, they did not skimp on the cheese or pepperoni, the pizza wasn't greasy, the tomato sauce had just the right tang.  I'm pretty sure I at least had 3 slices, while Nick devoured the rest of the pizza.  We went back to try fancier pizzas, but they never did compare the tasty regular pepperoni pizza.  We went back weekly till the end of the summer and sadly, the $9 promotion is over, it's $12 now....however we still get it occasionally and love it every time.

We've tried other types of pizzas from Panago, but the only pizza that is good at Panago is their pepperoni pizza.  Nick tried the Philly cheese steak pizza once and it was very very disappointing, there was almost no meat, it looked nothing like the advertising, basically cheese and cheese sauce pizza, which was so gross that he did end up throwing a lot of it out.  

All Panago pizzas comes with a free dip or shaker.  I always tend to get the chilli shaker as I like to douse my pepperoni pizza with chilli flakes.  :-)

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  1. Hi Cindy,

    My name is Penny Mittal and I am the Community Programs Manager here at Panago. I am sorry that you and Nick did not enjoy our Philly Steak.

    Would you be able to drop me an email at - I'd love to follow up with you about your experience.