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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beef Stew Mini Pies

Any reason is a good reason to use the Breville mini pie maker.  It' makes picture perfect mini pies in 10 minutes, so what could be better?  :-D  I've yet to do a sweet pie with the Breville pie maker, but savory pies with the leftovers beef stew is just the thing on a cold night.  If you prefer Mini Chicken Pot Pies, check out this recipe HERE.  Enjoy!  :-)
Beef Stew Mini Pies
Makes 3 Mini Pies (machine has the ability to make 4 pies)
approx prep time: 10min
approx cook time: 10min

- 1/2 pack of Pillsbury Pie crust (at room temperature)
- 2 cups of cooked beef stew leftovers leftovers (recipe HERE)

1) Preheat the Breville Mini Pie Maker (Red light means it's heating, Green light means it's ready)
2) Take out beef stew, and cut any large chunks in the stew into smaller 1/2 inch cubes (such as potatoes)
3) Roll out the Pillsbury pie crust, stamp 2 bottom crusts and 2 top crusts. 
4) Recombine the remaining pie crust, roll it out thinly, and stamp the last bottom and pie crust (you should have 3 tops and 3 bottoms)
5) Place bottom crust into the machine, use the black push wedge from the pie maker to set it into the pan, fill each pie up to the top with beef stew and a bit more, making a mound on the top.  (You need really over full filled pies in order for the top crust to brown and cook evenly, otherwise the crust can get undercooked because it doesn't fully touch the top heating element.)
6) Top pies with the top crust.
7) Lock machine, bake for 9-10 minutes.
8) Serve immediately.

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