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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Breakfast at Raffles Cafe Las Vegas

Food at a Las Vegas conference is disappointing to downright disgusting sometimes. After 6 years of the same yearly conference, I've learned to not even bother going to eat at a conference and just spend the extra money and dine out.

Since Raffles Cafe at Mandalay Bay was close by, myself and my coworker decided to head there for breakfast.

We shared:

Custard french Toast
This was MASSIVE, it was 2 slices of light and fluffy toast that was about 8x8x2 inches with custard filling and then dipped in egg and pan fried. It was really good.  I need to make this at home.

Raffles Exotic Coconut Pancakes
This was okay, it had coconut and mango on it.

Normal - but always a tasty side.

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